About Us

Very surprise to learn that the local home services sector, which has existed for eons, yet has significant process flaws, low rates of technology adoption, and low levels of service innovation. A fundamental revolution in the end-to-end service experience across our daily service demands, such as transportation, food delivery, banking, etc., has already come due to the way the world is changing and wanting more for less. It goes without saying that the home services sector needs the chance to establish “new ways of operating”. We think that the experience of using home services should be made simple, dependable, and reasonable, from hiring a professional to paying electronically without the client having to worry about availability.

At RHA, we have assembled a highly skilled team of services, business, marketing (both traditional and digital), and technology experts. with broad regional and international experience. They’re all working toward the same goal of favorably disrupting the home services sector. We are making a lot of effort to become your city’s reliable one-stop partner for home maintenance services so you won’t need to search elsewhere. We aim to do our part to reduce some of the hassle in your everyday life by consistently pushing the status quo and looking for new ways to push limits.

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All Over Pakistan Call : 0321-4792084 – UAE – +971 556701606

Repair Home Appliances Calll +9710581176213

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RHA Customer

Make each client feel valued. Provide exceptional customer service and go above and beyond to make them happy. Do as you say, and don’t just talk the talk. This is how we build trust with others.

Dependable Long-Term

We pick our delivery partners very carefully. Make it count for them every day with less and more. Keep your eyes on the wider picture and the long-term benefits of operating as a team.

strategic alliances

To reach new clients, create channel alliances. guarantee the delivery of both tangible and intangible benefits while fostering corporate expansion. Continue to interact.

Open and transparent

Provide information that is clear, precise and complete. Less is more. Remain transparent – a bad news is not a bad news anymore if it comes with real solutions. Be ready to listen!

innovation culture

Continue to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to keep making home maintenance service experience simple, reliable and affordable for our customers.

towards society

Maintain highest level of safety and security standards. Always care for our environment and give back to our communities – both within and outside Repair Home Appliances.