Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Repair Home Appliances

1. What is a home service?
  • a service related to a customer’s home e.g. AC, plumbing, electrical, etc. or
  • a service delivered in the safety and comfort of a customers’ home which otherwise might have required customers to travel e.g.salon, pet grooming, etc.
2. What is Repair Home Appliances and who is a RHA?

RHA is an online on-demand home services 'managed' marketplace. The term ‘managed’ differentiates it from other open marketplaces as we do not just connect customers with verified and vetted service company “professionals” or "Genie" but also enable a world-class end-to-end home services experience for all. A Genie is a service professional who has undergone a thorough background check from HomeGenie to ensure he/she has the appropriate legal approval, skill and customer rating required to perform the customer job adhering to all prescribed safety and security protocols.

3. What all home services does RHA offer?

HomeGenie offers over 200+ home services within the following service categories - AC, Plumbing, Electrical, Masonry, Carpentry, Handyman, Cleaning, Specialized Cleaning, Pest Control, Appliances, Gardening, Electronics, Gardening, Pool and more. All these services are grouped under Daily Utilities, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle and Decor and Others. For more details, kindly visit https://www.homegenie.com/en/dubai/services

4. How do I Book a RHA service?

Customers can book a HomeGenie service using the following methods –

We recommend downloading and using our Android and iOS mobile apps, for the best user end-to-end experience and special in-app discounts and offers.

5. Does you offer an Emergency Service?

Yes. We do have an Emergency Service providing services within 2 hours. The service is available 24x7 at an additional Emergency charge

Look for Emergency on the website or mobile apps to book an Emergency Service.

NOTE: Kindly note that not all HomeGenie services are offered as Emergency due to building or community security restrictions and regulatory restrictions, within your city.

6. Can a customer book a service for a later date/ time?

Customers can book a Scheduled Service offered during standard office hours (8 am to 8 pm) on all working days from Sat to Thu, except public holidays. Such bookings can be scheduled up to a month in advance and not before 24 hours from the date and time of the booking being done.

7. Are the services available after office hours, Fridays or on public holidays?

Yes. Our Scheduled Services are offered on Fridays, however, for Public Holidays and After Office hours services are only available as an Emergency Service.

8. I saw Same Day service on your website. What is it?

We also offer Same Day Services, for anyone who is flexible on the timing but wants the Service within the day and not necessarily as an Emergency. The same day service does not come with a fixed arrival time commitment but with the earliest availability option on the same day within office hours (8 am to 8 pm). You can click on Same Day button on the website or mobile app, to book the Same Day Service.

Kindly note the Same Day service can only be booked between 8 AM to 12 noon, on the same day.

9. How does HomeGenie ensure the best price for the services?

Services, unlike products, are more complicated and unfortunately require an inspection or basic survey to determine the price, as prices cannot be offered at a fixed price. Therefore, in most instances, after a service is booked, the assigned Genie visits your location to inspect the issue or survey your requirement and provide you with the best cost and day/time estimate for your approval. HomeGenie regularly conducts independent checks on market prices and estimates submitted by our partners to ensure customers are not overcharged.

10. What is a fixed price, inspection based and survey-based services on your website?

HomeGenie services are of 3 types, based on their name

  • Fixed price service - This is a type of service where the price can be estimated based on the details a customer selects at the time of the booking e.g. 3 hours of general cleaning.
  • Inspection based service - This type of service requires the Genie to mandatory visit the customer location to inspect and diagnose the issue and propose a solution and provide an estimate of material and labour required e.g. AC repair service. There is an inspection call-out charge for this service.
  • Survey-based service - This type of service requires the Genie to call, message or visit the customer location to survey and ascertain the requirements and preferences before an estimate for material and labour can be provided e.g. fabrication of curtains or blinds service. The Survey is free of charge.

Kindly always note the type of service you are booking a service to understand the charges.

11. Where can I find scope and pricing details for a particular service, while booking?

While on the HomeGenie website, you can find the pricing and service details on individual service pages. However, at the time of booking a service, on the website or mobile app, you could click on the following buttons to view the required details, before confirming a booking.

  • AED icon view the type of service and the applicable pricing details; and
  • Genie service scope details, providing what’s included and notes on a service.
12. How does HomeGenie ensure the quality of its services?

We identify, vet and select only quality home service companies and their professionals within your city to become HomeGenie partners. Our partners share with us a common vision, core values and commitment towards bringing a change in the home services industry. We work directly with their service professionals, enable them with state-of-the-art tools, train them on interpersonal skills before getting them on board as a ‘Genie’, and send them to our customers. The Genies are rated on every job and only the best continue working with HomeGenie while the others are weeded out regularly. mandatory

13. If I am facing some issue with the service can I contact RHA?

HomeGenie ensures every service is delivered seamlessly to the best of the customers’ satisfaction. We have therefore set up a dedicated Customer Experience Team available on call and WhatsApp on toll-free number +971(0)80 0443643 (HGENIE) and support@homegenie.com from 8 AM to 8 PM (SAT to THU) to address all customer queries and complaints.

14. How can I reach the RHA assigned to my booking?

Once a Genie has been assigned to a customer, a customer can call the Supervisor of the Genie by clicking on the number provided on the website or the mobile app. This avoids the hassle of saving numbers for a professional every time you take home service. Alternately, you could reach out to the HomeGenie team as mentioned on.

15. Can I cancel a RHA service? How?

Yes. A customer can cancel a service at any time after the booking from the website or the mobile apps. As you would understand that once you book a service, one or more Genie are reserved for you for the date and time of your service and they are not assigned to another customer booking, a cancellation closer to the date and time of the service can result in loss of income for them. Considering this we have a cancellation charge for cancellations not providing us enough time to reassign the Genie and avoid any loss of income to them and at least cover their costs.

For details on the cancellation policy, please refer to our pricing policy on http://www.homegenie.com/pricing-policies/

16. Can a customer reschedule a RHA booking? How?

A customer can reschedule a HomeGenie service, following a discussion with the assigned Supervisor for the service. Kindly go to My Bookings, View Details and Call the mobile number provided for the required booking.

17. How and when do I pay for a RHA service?

You can pay for a service by the following methods, upon completion of service or as advance, in case the job requires advance payment.

  • Credit card/ debit card - paid on the HomeGenie website or mobile apps
  • Cash - to the Genie who delivered the service
  • Account transfer- paid to HomeGenie account or

NOTE: Advance payment is only generally required for jobs that need procurement of parts and materials.

18. How can I get a refund against a complaint on a RHA service?

You will need to raise a complaint by calling us on +971(0)800443643, writing to us on support@homegenie.com mentioning the JOBID. Once the complaint is investigated, generally, within 5 working days, the refunds, if approved, are processed and take up to 15 working days to be transferred back to the customer bank account.

19. What is the RHA Warranty Policy?

For every service we deliver, we offer a service warranty which means that if what we fixed is reported faulty again within the warranty period, we will come back and try to fix it for free without charging for any labour. In case the issue is with the parts and materials, any return on that will be dependent on the warranty that comes from the supplier as parts do not come with a warranty when bought standalone.

For details on the cancellation policy, please refer to our pricing policy on http://www.homegenie.com/pricing-policies/

20. Where can I find RHA services terms and conditions?

Our customer needs to familiarize themselves with HomeGenie terms and conditions, before using our service. We continuously update our policy and send out updates to our customers on the same.

Please find our detailed terms of use on http://www.homegenie.com/term-of-use/